Women With a Mission (WWM)

Non-Denominational Association of Interdependent Churches (NAIC)

The WWM movement was initiated in the year 1998 with a goal of mobilizing 10,000 women by the year 2010 for evangelism, leadership and church planting. Before the end of 1999, close to 3000 women had already been identified and recruited for ongoing training. The process continues as more and more women become aware of this growing movement. What started as a small women’s organization has now grown into a nation-wide movement. The program has also crossed national boundaries and is being introduced in the neighboring country of Sri Lanka.

The updated goal of The WWM movement is to train and equip 100,000 women leaders for ministry by the year 2020.

WWM’s Regional Goals
  • Share the goal of training 100,000 women with every state in India
  • Form new women’s fellowships and prayer cells
  • Initiate various local ministries according to specific needs

The NAIC is also committed to enable church planters to share skills, knowledge, and material, and it helps explore every possible way to equip, enable and encourage church planters into the untouched mission fields to plant churches.

The NAIC is a body uniting over 20,000 churches at the present time. These small churches exist without any support or opportunity for affiliation with other institutions or fellowship with each other.