What is NAIC ?

Non-Denominational Association of Interdependent Churches (NAIC)

Church planters toiling on the frontlines have planted a significant number of small, “independent” churches within the past few years. They are the ones who are actually affecting church growth in the nation. They are never recognized. They toil night and day, in and out of season. Sometimes they are persecuted and suffer silently. They do not have a voice and or care from any organization.

The NAIC assumes the role of gathering these dedicated church planters together,giving their ministry and their churches an identity.

The NAIC provides church planters a great vision for the masses of people in India. It seeks to encourage them to catch a vision not just for the church but also for the whole nation.

The NAIC is also committed to enable church planters to share skills, knowledge, and material, and it helps explore every possible way to equip, enable and encourage church planters into the untouched mission fields to plant churches.

The NAIC is a body uniting over 20,000 churches at the present time. These small churches exist without any support or opportunity for affiliation with other institutions or fellowship with each other.